Apps4Arts is aimed at multi-venue arts events, festivals, biennials and international fairs — it encourages a new, templated approach to customised app development. The days of fumbling through various collected information sheets and flyers could be gone forever. Apps4Arts’ Interactive Festival Guide creates a one-stop-shop to access all the information visitors need to enjoy their festival visit from their smartphones.

The cleanly designed app interface filters schedules by Diary, Artist and Venue allowing visitors full control over which events they visit. And with the addition of GPS tracking, the Take Me There feature maps the route from your location to your next venue at the tap of a button. Furthermore, our online platform allows you to create your own interactive smartphone guide for your festival visitors without the expense and hassle of employing an agency.

Work from your desktop.
Control the process.
Publish direct to the App Store and Google Play.


Apps4Arts are currently offering a fully functioning Android and Apple app to selected organisations for £500 – around 10% of the usual cost. This cost is based on 30 folio pages e.g., 10 Artists, 10 Venues and 10 Dates.

Apps4Arts will support you through the entire process: from uploading content to previewing your finished apps. They have also created useful resources to enable you to get the most out of your app and it’s promotion.

The app will be offered to just 10 successful arts organisations to ensure we can provide our full support.

Try it for yourself… download our Whitstable Biennale 2014 festival guide and test the interface live

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