When we begin work on a monograph we are opening a close, multi-way collaboration with the artist or photographer and with the publisher or the gallery that represents them. We see our role as designers as being to create a medium to carry the work, to give it space to breathe. Formats are chosen specifically to suit the proportions and scale of the work. Layouts are kept simple, and draw their inspiration directly from the work — rather than try to compete with it. We do not over-design. What we do, instead, is focus on the picture editing. We remove some images that the artist may be too close to, and change the scale and pacing of others to establish perhaps unanticipated connections and juxtapositions that add to the value of the work. The success of our approach can be seen in the high standing and sheer range of the photographers and artists that we work with.

DBV monographs design by victoria

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