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VIKA Collaboration Handbook

  • Definitions

    To prevent any misunderstandings and help both parties understand their rights and responsibilities, terms in the Cover Page or Key Terms have these meanings throughout the Collaboration Agreement.

Refers to the entirety of the collaboration agreement, including the Cover Page, Key Terms, and the ‘Working Together’ Manual.

Business Day 
Any day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday in England.

The individual or organization identified on the Front Page of the Full Terms.

Consultancy Fees 
Fees for VIKA’s design services, outlined in the Key Terms and paid according to the agreed-upon payment schedule.

Changes in Scope
Adjustments to the project’s scope may result in additional charges, invoiced separately based on the agreed daily rate or an updated design fee.

Open and respectful communication to address challenges, with direct conversations preferred for issue resolution.

Estimated Timetable 
Provides an estimated duration for completing the Work but is not a guarantee.

Costs incurred by VIKA, such as printing, shipping, or travel expenses, neccessary to complete the work.

Final Deliverables/Final Designs 

Completed designs or materials produced by VIKA and provided to the client upon completion of the work.

Refers to a set of Commercial Terms and Conditions that outline the guidelines, policies, and procedures for collaboration between VIKA and its partners or collaborators.

Intellectual Property (IP) 

Encompasses various intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Mutual Agreement 
Both parties agreing to terminate the contract.

Not Fixing a Problem 
Failure to address a term violation within 14 days of notification.

Refers to either the client or VIKA individually, or both collectively.

Either party ending the Agreement by notifying the other in writing before VIKA starts the next stage of work.

Payment Terms
Terms specifying how and when payments are made for VIKA’s services.

Refers to any printed or online materials created as part of the collaborative project between VIKA and the collaborator, including books, magazines, articles, and digital content.

The process for resolving disputes, which may involve mediation under the CEDR Model Mediation Procedure.

Payments to be made if Sales and Distribution are discussed in the Collaboration Agreement, agreed upon in writing.

Unforeseen Circumstances 
Events beyond the Parties’ control, such as natural disasters or government actions, impacting their ability to fulfil obligations.

Value Added Tax, applicable to goods and services in the UK at a rate of 20%.

VIKA Augmented Reality Materials 
VIKA’s technology and content for augmented reality, including software, programming, and digital assets.

VIKA Intellectual Property 
All intellectual property owned by VIKA, including existing IP and new IP created during collaboration.

Working Designs
Early versions of designs being developed for the project.

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