Handbook Production

The VIKA Collaboration Handbook
Print and Production Terms

This guide is designed to complement our Print and Production: Key Terms, providing you with a deeper understanding of the Print and Production process so you can navigate each step with confidence. 

If you have any questions along the way, please reach out to Victoria: hello@vikabooks.com

  • Sub-contracting

    At VIKA, we may choose to subcontract the Work, either entirely or partially. When we do, we ensure that we follow the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) of subcontractors. For example, printer terms may cover possible delays, extra costs due to unexpected shipping issues, and allow for flexibility in delivered quantities, typically with a variance of 10% above or below the total order.

Match Prints
VIKA suggests including ‘Match prints’ (also called Reference Prints) along with high-resolution digital files for effective color matching. This is especially crucial for exceptional and special edition illustrations. Please refrain from sending delicate prints as they may sustain damage during transport. Any original artworks supplied to VIKA are at your own risk.

In cases where ‘Match prints’ are unavailable, VIKA will color adjust images to the best of its ability using standard values, which may differ from your expectations.

Reprographics involves converting digital image files into printed pages, addressing issues such as image quality, sharpness, and color. This includes tasks like converting files from RGB to CMYK color spectrums.

For VIKA reprographics, you’ll receive CMYK proofed tiffs, and you’ll have an exclusive, perpetual, global license to use the files in the Publication and online. If you’d like to use the color-corrected images for exhibitions or sales, you can do so with the appropriate license, which may incur an additional charge.

Outsourcing reprographics
If you decide to outsource reprographics independently, the responsibility for overseeing the process will fall solely on the chosen provider. The illustrations you provide must meet professional printing standards without needing additional image processing. VIKA cannot be held responsible for any issues with image quality that you deem unacceptable at a later stage.

Printer’s proofs
Printer’s proofs are vital to ensure consistent color quality during printing. VIKA will send you a full set of ‘Colour Proofs’ (also known as Epson Proofs) for your approval via courier. You must review and, if necessary, revise the Colour Proofs within 14 days. 

You’re allowed up to five rounds of corrections to the Colour Proofs. Additional amendments will incur charges at the agreed daily rate. Please confirm ‘Approved for Colour’ before printing begins

Wet Proofs
Wet proofs are physical copies of book pages produced using the actual printing plates, ink, and paper stock. They allow you to assess color accuracy, text clarity, and overall print quality before proceeding with the full run. 


Beta Testing
The Dynamic design process, or beta testing, confirms that the interactive elements of a design are as imagined. Depending on the medium, we may need to use third party programs to to verify the interactivity of the work. Once you have access to the Dynamic Design file, we can proceed to the Beta Testing phase. 

You agree to access and review the designs in the correct format. If you encounter any difficulties accessing the beta testing file, please notify VIKA promptly. Upon receiving the beta testing files, you have 30 days for up to five rounds of significant changes and five rounds of minor changes, limited to text and item placement. Failure to report changes within 14 days implies your acceptance of the original draft.

Permissions and Access
You agree to grant VIKA unrestricted access to computer systems and locations necessary for the Work, including read/write permissions, usernames, and passwords.

Hosting Websites
Unless otherwise agreed, you are responsible for hosting payment, maintenance, and renewal.

VIKA can offer hosting services through a third-party server. As a facilitator, VIKA assumes no responsibility for service interruptions beyond our control.

Timely Delivery 
Any changes to the delivery schedule, such as customs delays, will be communicated as soon as possible and will be coordinated in writing. 

  • Final Deliverables

    The Work is considered complete upon receiving your written sign-off email in response to the Final Deliverable PDF, or within 30 days of sending the final designs, whichever is sooner.

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