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VIKA Collaboration Handbook
Publishing Support

This document complements our Self-Publishing Key Terms, offering you a deeper understanding of this stage. It is designed to help photographers, artists, or authors seeking Self-Publishing Support or anyone creating a Connected Book with our XR technology. 

In this Agreement, VIKA may acts as either the ‘Paying Party’ or the ‘Receiving Party’. As a potential recipient of both sides of the Agreement, this means this is as fair and balanced as we can make it, setting a new standard for self-publishing support. We hope that a clearly defined Self-Publishing Support Agreement will become the industry standard in situations where an Author takes no advance and pays for the print and enables as fair representative royalty split on sales. 

Your Feedback
This is intended as a living document that evolves with your input and our experience. Your feedback on these Terms is vital for making our services better. Please feel free to share your thoughts throughout our collaboration.

  • Grant of Rights

    VIKA have created a Tick Box style form so we can control exactly which rights we assign to whom. Please ensure this is filled this out as otherwise the assignment of rights will be unclear which could create problems later on.

Trust is important to us and is the foundation of our self-publishing support package, but we also need to agree some ground rules. Here are the assurances we agree to provide each other:

– We won’t publish a competing book without written permission from the other party.
– Neither of us have given or will give away any rights to the Publication without agreement.
– If one of us recieves an offer from another publisher, we will let the other know within 7 days.
– All rights and permissions for any content, e.g., illustrations, are cleared for publication.
– If there are any unforeseen issues regarding copyrights or permissions, we’ll handle them together, but won’t hold the other party liable.
– We haven’t made agreements that interfering with this book’s use or sale.
– The Publication doesn’t break any copyright laws or other rights, and all facts are true. Nothing in the Publication will harm its readers.

Refer to Schedule 2 for details.

Editions in Other Languages
We’re committed to helping each other reach diverse audiences worldwide. Here’s how we support each other:

– Inform us in writing about non-English versions.
– We review and approve reprints or editions by other publishers.
– New editions should mirror the original in design, content, and quality.
– We review translations for accuracy before printing.

  • Promotion

    Let’s work together to get the work noticed!

Publicity Support
We help find press and handle online inquiries and content creation. Your work will be announced and listed on our platforms. We’ll handle review requests, launches, and media outreach, both online and in print.

Exchange of information
We encourage your active involvement in media engagement efforts. Share your content for press and promotional use, and we’ll keep you updated on interviews and reviews.

Let’s work together to get your work noticed. We’ll collaborate on book signings, events, and more, adapting our plans to suit both our schedules.

VIKA’s website promotion 
Your Publication will be showcased prominently on our website, making it easy for customers to find in Shop and detailed product Pages. We’ll organize listings by media type and subject for a seamless browsing experience.

  • Distribution

    VIKA can use other companies to store and send out books. Alternatively, you can handle sending out books if you meet delivery requirements for website orders.

Physical Distribution 
Books will be delivered to stores by selected representatives along with promotional materials. Decisions about participating in events, fairs, and exhibitions will be based on what’s likely to be the best use of resources.

If there are fewer than 50 copies available for sale, you can ask VIKA to reprint the book within a year. If they don’t, all rights go back to you. If sales are low, VIKA may sell the remaining stock at a discount or pulp it. You can buy the stock at a discount before it’s sold or pulped. If VIKA has too many copies, they may sell or pulp some and let you know about it.

Termination of Contract
– If the first edition sells out and we don’t reprint within 12 months, the agreement ends.
– Failure to publish the Publication within 6 months from the signature date results in automatic termination.
– If the first edition sells out and we don’t reprint within 10 months, the agreement ends.

  • Royalties

    We want to ensure your royalties are paid promptly and accurately. Here’s how we make it happen:

Timely Payment
The ‘Paying Party’ will pay royalties to the ‘Receiving Party’ as outlined in the Key Terms. 

The ‘Paying Party’ will deliver royalties within 30 days of each Payment Date, whether it’s for sales made since the previous Payment Date or the Agreement’s start. In the event of termination, payment is immediate.

Comprehensive Reporting
With each payment, the ‘Receiving Party’will get a Royalty Statement. It will breaks down everything from the sales period and total copies sold to pricing, returns, and the royalties owed. 

Annual Reviews
Unless otherwise agreed or requested, and to ensure transparency and accuracy, The ‘Paying Party’ we review sales annually before December 31. Royalties are settled within 30 days. 

Accessible Records
The Paying Party will maintain accurate records of all royalty transactions, and you’re welcome to inspect them upon request. Your peace of mind matters to us. 

Review Copies 
No royalties will be owed on copies of the Publication given away for free (like review copies) or on returned copies.

Overpayment Protection
If there’s ever an overpayment due to returned sales, any excess royalties will be deducted from future payments.

Tax for Non-UK Licensees 
Partners outside the UK will provide the necessary documents for tax exemption.

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