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The VIKA Collaboration Handbook
General Terms

Clear terms are important for any collaboration. They help everyone stay safe and respectful. They set expectations and boundaries, ensuring fairness and transparency.

We hope this guidance empowers you as we start our collaboration. We’re committed to making this book a success for you and your artists!

Thank you!

  • Mutual Commitments

    Building strong partnerships is essential to bring any vision to life. Here, we discuss effective communication, setting clear expectations, and fostering collaboration. We’re here to listen, guide, and support you.

Our commitment to you
We’re dedicated to creating a book and a legacy that you’ll cherish for years. Upholding industry gold standards for design is our priority. As are your deadlines, especially for special events and launches. We promise open and respectful communication, valuing your ideas and feedback.

What we need from you 
Our design and consultancy services are tailored to your work, so the information you provide is crucial. You agree to meet industry norms, like making timely payments and ensuring content security. You confirm having all necessary authorization, ownership, or licenses for our services. If issues arise with unauthorized elements in the work, VIKA won’t be liable for resolving them or any resulting damages.

Working Together
Both parties commit to open, honest communication and being available for project discussions or meetings at reasonable times. Keeping each other informed and addressing concerns promptly leads to successful collaboration. Kindness, understanding, and respect for everyone’s rights, especially vulnerable individuals and children, are essential.

Communication platforms 
Important discussions will be via email or scheduled calls with the Main Contact. Casual conversations may occur via messaging apps like SMS or WhatsApp, respecting personal boundaries and time zones.

We commit to keeping each other’s information in confidence, unless circumstances or the law require disclosure. For highly sensitive information, either party can request a Mutual NDA for added confidentiality.

VIKA is here to support you with any specific needs, providing information in suitable formats or accommodations as required. Our commitment to inclusivity is informed by inclusion training and personal experiences, such as Victoria’s dyslexia.

  • Celebrating Our Collaboration

    As creators, we value mutual respect for each other’s work, both during and after collaboration. We commit to acknowledging each other in all printed and online promotions related to the Publication.

How we credit your Work
You have space on the Cover Page of this Agreement to share your preferred promotional information: website, social media platforms, tags, and handles. Please add any missing details. We acknowledge your moral right as the author of your Work.

How to credit our Work
Please credit VIKA as “VIKA®: VIKAbooks.com”, with VIKA written in capital letters. Please note that VIKA is a Registered Trademark.

When sharing online, tag our social media posts with the @vikabooks handle and use the hashtags #vika and #vikabooks along with your preferred hashtags.

Other tags we enjoy are: #bookdesign #photobook #innovation #femalefounder

Victoria Forrest asserts her right to be recognized as the creator and author of her work, as outlined in the Copyright, Designs, and Patents Act 1988.

Providing portfolio copies
You agree to provide VIKA with portfolio copies of the work, including three copies of all Trade Editions and one full, signed copy of each Special Edition for printed publications.

Publicizing the Publication
Both parties commit to supporting and promoting the project by sharing it on our websites, articles, videos, and books. We’ll celebrate our collaboration and achievements together, inviting each other to related events and book launches.

Promotional materials
Promotional materials like social media adverts, book launch invitations, and simple press releases are included in our design fee. Please ensure VIKA is included in the creation of any related designs.

  • Intellectual Property

    Intellectual Property (IP) protects our ideas and ensures we both get credit for our Work. Let’s go through this process making sure the creativity of everyone in the book is respected.

Your Intellectual Property
As the creator of the Work, you retain full ownership of all intellectual property rights. Minor adjustments made by VIKA, such as cropping or simple color corrections, do not affect your ownership of the Intellectual Property (IP).

VIKA’s Intellectual Property
Intellectual property associated with designs created by VIKA, including those developed during our collaboration, are owned by VIKA. Upon completion of the Work, you will receive an exclusive license to use the Final Designs for the Agreed Purposes.

VIKA have a valuable Intellectual Property portfolio in creative technologies, often with support from government-funded grants. If our Extended Reality artwork is part of your project, you can only use it for the purposes we’ve agreed upon in this Collaboration Agreement. Please don’t use, copy, or replicate our technology without asking for written permission. We’re in charge of all content related to our Augmented Reality Materials. If you need clarification, just reach out to Victoria via email.

Third-party designers
If you wish to commission a third-party designer or make design alterations for different purposes, such as exhibition graphics or branded products, you can do so with a license from us, which may involve a fee. Just ask if you’re unsure. 

  • Financial Transparency

    Handling finances with care is vital for our collaboration to succeed. Here’s how we handle money matters, but if you prefer a different approach, please let us know so we can accommodate your needs.

Payment Terms 
You agree to pay VIKA for our services as outlined in the Payment Schedule provided in the Key Terms and this Manual.

Consultancy Fees 
Our design service fees are detailed in the Key Terms. Once we receive your initial payment (Part 1), we’ll begin our services. This payment is non-refundable as we’ll schedule our time accordingly. Subsequent payments will follow the Payment Schedule, with the final fee due before we deliver the final work.

Changes in Scope 
As projects progress, the scope of work may change, especially if the project’s details were unclear initially. Any changes agreed upon in the Key Terms may result in additional charges, which will be invoiced separately based on our agreed daily rate, unless an updated design fee is agreed upon.

VIKA is registered for VAT (GB 310 5114 68), so our estimates do not include VAT. You’ll need to add 20% VAT to the agreed amount. However, there’s good news regarding VAT on books: if VIKA produces the book, you won’t have to pay VAT on complete books delivered within the UK.

VIKA may incur expenses related to the work, such as printing, shipping, customs charges, or reasonable travel costs. VAT may apply to expenses directly related to consultancy services, while expenses related to your needs are exempt from VAT.

If our Collaboration Agreement includes Publishing Support, royalties may be involved. We’ll work together to agree on these in writing.

  • Navigating Challenges

    Creating a beautiful book together is an exciting journey, but it’s not without its challenges. VIKA has guidelines in place to help us navigate these challenges smoothly:

Unforeseen Circumstances 
If either party is unable to fulfill its obligations due to circumstances beyond its control, known as ‘Force Majeure,’ they will not be held accountable. Force Majeure events include power outages, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, pandemics, or government actions. The affected party must promptly notify the other party and make reasonable efforts to resume work.

Both parties commit to open and respectful communication when addressing challenges. We’ll do our best to resolve any difficult issues through direct conversation or phone calls, reserving emails for necessary communication and record-keeping.

Making Amends 
If a mistake occurs, the responsible party will have the opportunity to rectify it at no additional cost and within a reasonable timeframe. VIKA will assist in finding solutions if the issue arises from a third party.

Late Payment Policy 
We expect payment within 7 days. If a payment becomes overdue, we may pause work on the project, potentially impacting the Estimated Delivery date. 

For final payments that are late:

After 30 days, you will receive Late Payment Notice #1 with a £40+VAT charge.

After 60 days, you will receive Late Payment Notice #2 with an £80+VAT charge.

After 90 days, a Notice of Proceedings will be sent with a £160+VAT charge, and interest charges will commence.

If informal attempts to resolve the issue fail, either party may initiate a formal process. For serious disputes, Mediation may be suggested.

  • Governance

    How is our Agreement governed? 
    This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales. It reflects our mutual understanding, and any changes must be agreed in writing.

    How long does our Agreement last? 
    The Agreement begins upon signing and lasts until the work is completed or as specified below.

    What happens after this Agreement ends? 
    After the Agreement ends, the terminating Party settles outstanding payments within 14 days; both parties will cease using and return any confidential information obtained from each other; and we have have no further obligations to each other, unless agreed otherwise, like crediting for work done.

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