• Jeff McMillan press-passing at Graphicom, Italy

Press Passing

The ultimate quality check

Having a dedicated representative on press during printing is crucial for success. From getting the colors just right to selecting the latest materials and catching any last-minute errors, VIKA’s expertise guarantees the best possible outcome for every book.

When overseeing the printing of a book on a lithographic press, VIKA play a pivotal role in ensuring the intended design and quality standards are retained to the last moment.

Here’s a breakdown of VIKA’s services during press-passing:

Quality Assurance
Meticulously inspect the printed sheets to confirm they align with the approved proofs and adhere to the design specifications, scrutining aspects like color accuracy, clarity, sharpness, and overall print quality.

Communication with printer
Effectively communicate any discrepancies or concerns on the printed material to the printer. This includes highlighting differences between the proofs and printed sheets, as well as addressing unexpected printing artifacts or defects.

In the event of discrepancies or issues, VIKA will collaborate closely with the printer to troubleshoot and resolve. This may entail adjusting print settings, revising artwork files, or making other necessary modifications to achieve the desired outcome.

Decision Making
Works alongside the printer to make informed decisions about adjustments to press settings or the print run based on observed results during press-passing. They are prepared to make real-time decisions to uphold quality standards.

Any changes, adjustments, or observations made throughout the press-passing process are documented to ensure consistency and quality control throughout the printing process.

The press-passing team for Nick Hughes’s Free Mines Coal Faces. From left to right: repro (Eric), press-handler (Jon), Victoria, print manager (Ian) at Taylor Brothers, Bristol.

VIKA advocate for the integrity of our design and strive to ensure that the final printed material meets the highest quality standards or project requirements. Our keen attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication with the printer are crucial for a successful press-passing experience. To find out more, read our dedicated article on Press-passing with VIKA

Travel to location of printer, check and approve all plates against proofs

£750(+VAT)/day on press + travel expenses. To book a slot, email hello@vikabooks.com




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