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VIKA® designs books and brands for the storytellers of the future

Led by award-winning graphic designer Victoria Forrest, VIKA combine the conceptual rigour of graphic arts, the production values of fine art publishing, and the dynamism of creative technologies to create uniquely Connected Books® and brands that tell your story in the most innovative and elegant way imaginable.

Book and brand design

Remote Scottish Postboxes, Martin Parr. RRB Photobooks

Remote Scottish Postboxes

Martin Parr
CARGO (Charting African Resilience Generating Opportunities), Dr. Lawrence Hoo


Lawrence Hoo

Out of the Blue

HM King Charles III
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Design, printing and publishing services

VIKA work with the full breath of clientele: companies, galleries, charities and individuals. We can style your publication and any associated branding, as well as manage print and production from conception to completion.

We can also help you publish your book independently, through a third party publisher, or under the VIKA imprint.

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The future of the book

Winner of the prestigious InnovateUK ‘Women in Innovation’ Award, D&AD Impact and Great British Entrepreneur of the Year, VIKA are leaders in publishing innovation. Our uniquely Connected Books embed video, sound, Augmented Reality and sign languages into the printed page, making books more dynamic and more accessible.

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Where is the Bird?, Baby BSL. VIKA

Connected Books®

Baby BSL Where is the Bird? The first Augmented Reality book to inspire the use of British Sign Language in Deaf and Hearing Families. Photo by Jo Hounsome.

Where is the Bird?

Baby BSL
In the Shadow, Leonie Hampton. VIKA

In the Shadow

Léonie Hampton
Radiobook Rwanda, No Bindings, Huza Press, Kwani Trust

Radiobook Rwanda

No Bindings, Huza Trust & Kwani Press
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  • ‘Both playful and thoughtful, VIKA combine great design and smart tech to create truly memorable books.’

    Molly Flatt, The Bookseller
  • ‘Amazing results, amazing designer!’

    Paul Graham, photographer
  • ‘Your creativity is making the world a better place.’

    Naresh Ramchandani, Pentagram
  • ‘Victoria has a big-picture understanding of the process of book creation, from conception to print; an intuitive feel for what is feasible at any given point, and how it impacts everything else.’

    Mark Hughes, author
  • ‘VIKA has a vast network of high-quality, international contacts built up over many years. She always delivers excellent work on time and in budget.’

    Beth Elliott, director, Bethlem Gallery
  • ‘Victoria is an incredibly talented designer, whose typography and creative skills are unquestionable.’

    Woman Who Achieves ‘Solopreneur’ Creative World Award

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Where is the Bird?

Baby BSL


Free Mines Coal Faces

Nick Hodgson


I Also Fight Windmills

Ania Ready

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