• F1 Retro 1980, Mark Hughes.

Mark Hughes: F1 Retro

Book design testimonial

‘I first worked with Victoria on Speed Addicts, a high-end book about F1 racing. Her concept was wonderfully inventive, and her ability to retain that focus struck me as extremely clever. Victoria was amenable to work with: friendly, helpful and happy to offer options to problems. The book duly won a prestigious award for the Best Illustrated Sports Book of the Year.

‘For my next book, Victoria became project manager, guiding me through a process of self-publishing with which I was unfamiliar. In this, she was absolutely invaluable through a very challenging process. The first challenge was funding, causing potentially fatal disruption, but Victoria’s calm expertise and guidance were crucial to finding alternative sponsorship. Her relationship with printers and understanding of their process enabled fine-tuning that made for a very special, stunning book that received rave reviews, establishing the foundation of a series based around Victoria’s design skills.

‘With Speed Addicts, I understood Victoria’s brilliance as a creative designer, her vision, aesthetics and impeccable judgement for the visual tone for a subject. With F1 Retro, I saw her big-picture understanding of book creation, from conception to print, an intuitive feel for what is feasible or unfeasible at any given point and how it impacts everything else. Her print management is invaluable. 

‘Victoria works with authors and publishers to deliver visually stimulating ways of meeting or exceeding needs through imagination and experience. It’s a potent combination that unerringly delivers, on time and on budget.’ 

— Mark Hughes, author

Mark Hughes is the Grand Prix editor for MotorSport magazine, The Sunday Times and technical editor for the renowned motor racing annual, Autocourse. Hughes is also F1 Technical Analyst for Sky Sports.




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