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Remote Scottish Postboxes

Martin Parr

Remote Scottish Postboxes is Martin Parr’s first major contribution to landscape photography.

Between 2004 and 2010, Parr and his wife holidayed on the Scottish mainland and outlaying islands of Orkney, Shetland, Barra, Lewis and Islay, stopping frequently to photograph local Postboxes. Through Parr’s images, these isolated, red outposts of civilisation each take on a character and personality of their own, against the lonely yet beautiful Scottish backdrop.

“When you are in the middle of nowhere, in a bleak landscape and in wild weather, these little post boxes are strangely comforting, a sign that other people are around, that life is going on, and that you are connected to the world” — Susie Parr*

Remote Scottish Postboxes is presented as a boxed, hand-stitched, 88 page book, in which the postboxes are accompanied by maps and co-ordinates of their locations, with an introduction by Susie Parr.

* Except from ‘Martin Parr Presents an Index of Scotland’s Red Postboxes’, AnOther Magazine

  • ‘I was aware that making a book out of my series of remote Scottish postboxes was going to be a challenge. Victoria came up with a very eloquent design concept, with its distinctive red boxes, even with a posting slit on the postcard box.

    I am very happy with the way Victoria echoed the spirit of the project and made a design concept that further amplifies my original idea.’

    Martin Parr, photographer
The postbox design contains six ‘letters’: a singer-sewn booklet for each geographical region. Images courtesy © Martin Parr / Magnum Photos  
The postcard box design has a slit in the front out of which Martin’s images peek out

The images for this book came with a wonderfully open brief as the only criteria for design was the images themselves. All the images needed to be contained in one book and one postcard box.

Editorial, physical and graphical concepts were built around the Victorian postbox from materials and sizes for the boxes to the special edition print and signed postcard adorned with vintage stamps of Scottish flaura and fauna.




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