Where is the Bird?

Baby BSL

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An augmented reality book that combines illustrations, videos, and smartphone technology to inspire families to use British Sign Language with their children.

When viewed through our smartphone app, the 3D animations pop up, and videos play the BSL signs. Attach this sturdy book to your buggy and take it with you wherever you go. Enjoy a walk in the park and discover the world of BSL – A bird? A plane? What will you find?

‘Maya (3) still remembered all the signs we showed her several days later. Even the signs, like bird, that we’d forgotten.’ — Owen, father

Baby BSL smartphone app 
To access the Augmented Reality, the book must be used with our associated smartphone app. It is available for FREE download. Contains no adverts.

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Available on the App Store and Google Play stores

Board book with buggy ring
85mm x 85mm x 13mm,
20 pages
FSC certified.
CE certificated
ISBN: 978-0957025530
RRP: £8.99


Baby BSL: Where is the Bird? Buggy Book




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