I Also Fight Windmills

Ania Ready


“By purchasing this book, you are not only acquiring a remarkable piece of art, but also giving voice to many of the forgotten or silenced female creatives of the past.” — Work Show Grow

I Also Fight Windmills is the first photobook by the Polish-British artist Ania Ready. It is a visual response to literary texts written by the modernist, trilingual and largely forgotten author of Polish origin Sophie Gaudier-Brzeska (1872–1925).

Ready reimagined Gaudier-Brzeska’s story: a migrant woman who travelled West to fulfil her ambition of becoming a writer. The rigid rules of the old societal order, the lack of opportunities for women, poverty and disillusionment led to her mental instability. By combining Ania Ready’s photography and Sophie Gaudier-Brzeska’s writing, I Also Fight Windmills explores themes of displacement, creativity, loneliness, guilt, and social exclusion. Through re-enactment and the performative aspect of photography, an undeservedly forgotten and stigmatised writer has been brought to life.

I Also Fight Windmills produced with consideration for the environment: locally printed on recycled and carbon balanced papers supported by the World Land Trust. 

220x 167 mm, 112 pages
70 duotone photographs
ISBN 978-0-9570255-6-1

I Also Fight Windmills has a red cove with a black and white photograph of a lady standing under big beautful trees




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