Dummy Book Design

Showcase what your book could look like

Dummy books to show publishers what a project could look like. We keep the design simple so potential publishers have space to make their own mark. We also offer different printing options based on your budget.

POD dummy for Dominoes by Roland Ramanan. Published by Dewi Lewis 2024.

Dummy books serve a crucial role in presenting the essence of a project to a publishing house. VIKA can design a showcase (aka ‘dummy’) book tso you can offer publishers a glimpse of a book’s final design.

We are mindful that an overly developed design may not align with a publisher’s preferences, potentially hindering the book’s publication. At VIKA, we take this into account during the design process, and prioritise the fundamentals carefully considering factors such as page size, structure and sequencing before creating a balanced and restrained design with a broad photo edit. The aim is to create a showcase that presents the project as a fully considered book whilst also allowing them the flexibility to imprint their own style on the book should they choose to pursue it.

  • “Working with VIKA Books has been a seamless and hugely positive creative collaboration. They have worked over and above to thoroughly understand the work. The editing process has challenged me to think about my book project in a new way and produced a result that was way beyond my expectations and definitely not a destination I could’ve reached alone.”

    “As photographers and practitioners, we are often weighed down by the package of anxiety about how the work will be judged and what is or is not good enough to include. A skilled editor/designer like Victoria is completely free to make the best choices for the story you are trying to tell, often in surprising and revealing ways, I’m looking forward to continuing the journey.”

    Roland Ramanan

To create a dummy, we will require access to your complete archive for photo selection and editing. Additionally, we will explore various print-on-demand options to suit your budget. We will also ask you to sign a contract which commits you to completing the project with us when you do find the right publisher.

Photo-edit, print-ready PDFs, low-res PDFs, promotional JPGS, industry consultancy and contacts.


To arrange a session, email hello@vikabooks.com

The dummy book for Dominoes by Roland Ramanan. Published by Dewi Lewis



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