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Portfolio Review

Find out how close your archive is to being published

Portfolio Review is an opportunity for you to present your work and concept to Victoria to feedback on the content, visual cohesion, and technical quality for publishing, editing, and sequencing. In doing this, strengths and weaknesses can be identified, and recommendations for ways to improve the project can be offered.

These are the types of activities that typically take place during a review:

Presentation of work
You present your portfolio of images. You may include physical prints or a digital presentation, like a PDF.

Discussion of concept
You can explain the concept or theme for the book project, and provide context for the images presented where appropriate.

Feedback on content
Victoria will feedback on the content of the images, assessing their relevance to the concept and their effectiveness in conveying the intended message, or story, in book format.

Evaluation of visual cohesion
Victoria will assess the visual cohesion of the edit, considering factors such as consistency in style, tone, and composition.

Technical quality for print
Technical aspects of the images, such as image quality, consistency, and format, are evaluated to ensure they meet publishing standards.

Editing and sequencing
Victoria may provide guidance on the editing and sequencing of images for the photobook, helping to create a narrative flow that enhances the viewer’s experience.

Strengths and weaknesses
Victoria will identify the strengths of the portfolio, as well as areas for improvement or further development.

Next steps
Based on the review, Victoria may offer recommendations for refining the project concept, reshooting certain images, or making adjustments to the overall approach to fit a book format.

Overall, our portfolio review serves as a valuable opportunity for artists and photographers to gain insights, feedback, and guidance to further develop their photobook project and get one step closer to having a photobook of their work.

Cost: £250+VAT

To arrange a session, email hello@vikabooks.com

  • ‘Amazing results, amazing designer!’

    Paul Graham, photographer
  • ‘Victoria has a big-picture understanding of the process of book creation, from conception to print; an intuitive feel for what is feasible at any given point, and how it impacts everything else.’

    Mark Hughes, author
  • ‘Nothing escaped Victoria’s eye for detail. She has a natural feel for book design through her extensive experience.’

    Mapa Books
  • ‘VIKA’s experience and eye for detail
    allowed me to experiment with ideas that
    I would not have conceived without her.’

    Angus Fraser, photographer



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