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In our complimentary half-hour consultation, you will discuss your project, VIKA’s capabilities, and potential strategies for design and launch. VIKA will help you to clarify your project vision, as well as give you some pointers on potential budgets and timelines. The consulatation is a chance for us both to see how well we work together and, hopefully, plan what to do next.

Here’s what might happen during the session:

We’ll start with a quick chat about your background and your project. This is a chance for us both to get to know each other.

Project overview
You’ll describe a basic outline of your project and what you think you need designing. This could be the type of design work, the end result you want to achieve, and any particular challenges you’ve faced so far.

VIKA’s capabilities
Victoria will tell you about VIKA’s skills and experience and what VIKA might be able to offer your project. We might show you examples of past work or talk about the kinds of clients VIKA normally work with. This will help you see if we are a good fit for what you need.

Clarifying objectives
Victoria might ask you some questions to understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your project and who you’re trying to reach. They might also ask about the style or look you’re aiming for.

Budget and timeline
You’ll give an indication about how much money you have to spend and when you need the project to be finished. This helps both sides work out if they can meet expectations.

Potential strategies and solutions
Depending on how complicated your project is, Victoria may suggest a couple of ways VIKA could approach the design work—some initial ideas to show we understand what you need, and how we might approach it.

Questions and next steps
Towards the end of the session, you’ll have a chance to ask any questions. Victoria might talk about what happens next, like moving to our Concept Design stage, or the onboarding process for starting the work.

Remember, this session is to see if we’re a good fit. If you decide to work with VIKA, there will be more detailed discussions later on.

To arrange a session, email

Initial edit of images for The Silent Land by Jesse Alexander
Initial research for The Silent Land by Jesse Alexander



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