Print & Production

Ink, pixels, and precision

VIKA is unique in our ability to manage both lithographic book printing and UX development with technical expertise and attention to detail. Here we talk about print management, the process of taking a book from the design stage through pre-press and manufacture. In this, VIKA works hard to negotiate and collaborate with manufacturers of all kinds to retain design integrity, accurate colour reproduction, and careful material selection.

Lithographic printing is known for its precision and quality. VIKA have 15 years of experience in managing this complex process for a wide range of projects and a wide range of clients. Victoria works closely with artists, publishers and organisations to ensure each client’s vision shines through, in every piece, from limited-edition artwork to mass-market publications.

Collaboration with artists
Our partnerships with our artists are vital. Each project is unique, as we look to the artist’s input to guide the concepts that form the basis of our work. Through continuous communication and collaboration, we work to ensure that every aspect of the printing or production process reflects both our design vision and the ambitions of our client.

Technical skill
Printing lithographic books requires a lot of technical know-how. After working in printing for 15 years, in locations across the globe, VIKA have the knowledge and experience needed to navigate this process smoothly, aiming to foresee any potential pitfalls before they occur.

From selecting materials and inks to reprographics and wet-proofing, VIKA use our technical skills, and the skills of our network of collaborators, to achieve the very best results. To find out more, read our articles on Bespoke duotones and Press-passing.

Attention to detail in colour-matching
Any artist or publisher knows that colour accuracy is crucial in publication design, especially in lithographic printing, but nowhere more so than in photobook production. VIKA not only understand the importance of getting colours just right to faithfully reproduce the artist’s work, but we have extensive experience in doing so on screen and on press.

By using a carefully considered process of colour calibration comprising professional reprographics, Epson proofs and careful adjustments on the press, VIKA ensure that every print matches your original artwork as closely as possible. Indeed we aim not only to match, but to improve, on the photographer’s match prints.

Careful material selection
Choosing the right materials is essential for quality printing.  Each material prints in a different way and also lends a different tone to the works. We pay close attention to material selection, considering factors like paper stock, feel, weight and coatings. Our goal is to enhance the visual appeal of the final product while also prioritising sustainability.

Environmental considerations
We’re committed to minimising our environmental impact. This includes using eco-friendly materials and practices throughout the printing process. By prioritising sustainability, we aim to create beautiful books that are also environmentally responsible. To find out more, please see our article on Sustainable Publishing.

Efficient shipping is crucial for price, ecological imprint, and timely delivery. We ensure that our shipping logistics are optimised to minimise delays, reduce customs charges, and our carbon footprint. We do our best to ensure our clients, and our suppliers, receive the printed materials for the project on time and in mint condition.

Price and deliverables
This service requires a detailed book and specification design. We advise our Free Half Hour Consultation and Concept Design service so we can help you define your needs.




A free VIKA Book of Books

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